Philippe Arsenault

- His story: wanderer
- His music: immortal
- His dream: to compose the music for a RPG

Before, he was only a possibility.
Now, he is a human being.
After, he will be pure music.

His eyes saw the yellow of the African desert, the blue of the Djiboutian ocean, the green of Ivorian vegetation, the white of Quebequian winter...

His music speaks, his piano shivers, his hands move, his brain gets boiled over, his heart gets carried away...

Can you hear it?


Valérie Harvey

- Her story: Charlevoix
- Her lyrics: inspiring
- Her dream: to become a singer

Before, she was only human.
Now, she evolved into a frog.
After, she will be pure smile.

Her eyes saw the egg yolk of her grand father's henhouse eggs, the blue of Kenshin's eyes, the green of the most marvellous frogs, the white of the blank pages to be honored by her writing...

Her voice moves and shivers, her hands write, her brain boils, her heart is dazzling...

Can you feel it?